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Bats in Northumberland

But a bat is just a bat, isn’t it?

Well, it’s not that simple, unfortunately. There are 17 different species of bats in the UK, and 10 of them have been found in Northumberland. All bats are protected by law and it is illegal to capture or handle them without a licence.  Many bats like living with humans, as our buildings provide an alternative roost site to old, dead trees and our gardens provide excellent habitat for them to feed in.  Click here to find out how to make your garden better for bats. Our bats are varied and live in different habitats, eating different things. They even fly in different styles. Have a browse though the species and see what you can see on a warm summer.

In practice it is unusual for roosts to be mixed species, but if they are, the two species keep themselves to themselves in the roost! Or at least that was what was always thought, our current research is starting to show evidence some species might share living quarters a bit more closely... There is always lots to learn about them.