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Batty events

Summer Events 2018


Our varied and interesting Winter 2017-2018 events calendar has now finished. On reviewing the events at the AGM (March 2018) it was apparent that despite the bats being in hibernation, that we (as NBG members) had all been quite busy, both with talks and with Tina's hibernation surveys.


So, on with the summer events, though apparently "dust off your detectors" is actually the last of the winter events.... is anyone else confused ;-)  The completed events have now been deleted... On with summer!


Gibside Survey Dates

Gibside (Gateshead, a National Trust Property) will supply bat detectors to use for the surveys, but if you have your own torch it would be handy if you could bring it along.  Remember to wear warm clothes and insect repellent! If it is raining heavily, then the surveys don’t go ahead.  


Meeting times are in the information below, and the surveys carry on until it gets dark, which can be late at the end of May and in June.


Please let Helen McDonald know ahead of the survey if you’re planning to come along. Or if you have any questions, please contact her on 01207 541 825 or email


Emergence Surveys


  • Tues 1st May   - Quick refresher and survey of the Chapel.  Meet in the car park at 8.15pm.

  • Thurs 10th May    – Hall.  Meet in car park  at 8.30pm.

  • Wed 16th May  – Garden Cottage and Walls.  Meet in car park at 8.45pm.

  • Mon 21st May – Stables.  Meet in car park at 8.45pm.

  • Tues 29th May – Orangery Meet in car park at 9pm.

  • Mon 4th June    – Cut Thorn Farm.  Meet in car park at 9pm.

  • Friday 29th June   –  Stables.  Meet in car park at  9.15pm


July and August

We will be carrying out the National Bat Monitoring Programme (NBMP) transect surveys again in July and August.


NBMP Field survey Wed 4th July (meeting at 9.45pm) and Thurs 19th July (meeting at 9.30pm).


NBMP Waterway survey Thurs 9th August (meeting at 8.45pm) and Monday 27st August (meeting at 8.15pm).



Parti-coloured bat sonogram

Call sequence of the parti-coloured bat.

Loads bat tat

Bat tat ready for Halloween!

Nathusius wing veination

Wing venation, important for species identification. This image shows the wing membrane of a Nathusius pipistrelle.