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Winter Events 2018


The winter social has been, and was fun!


Winter Social! 13th December 2018. At 18:30 GMT

The Bridge Hotel, Castle Square, NE1 1RQ. Newcastle.

Come and have a drink, a natter and share some Christmas cheer. 


NBMP hibernation surveys for 2018-19.


The first set of hibernation surveys have been completed. Please see the blog for information on the species found. The next set of dates is as follows:

  • Monday 28th January 2019

  • Friday 8th February 2019

  • Saturday 23rd Febuary 2019


You will need wellies, old warm clothes that you dont mind getting dirty, torches with lots of spare batteries and maybe also a change of boots/socks, the adits are all wet. Bring lunch, snacks and a flask, it will be cold!


If you are interested in/able to come along please email Tina on 


As ever, places are on a first come first served basis, but moderated so that everyone gets a chance to attend at least one survey.  


As we are entering known hibernacula, each team will need at least one licence holder, please can you let me know if you have a Class 2 survey licence, thanks.


One last thing, for insurance purposes you need to be a member of Northumberland Bat Group to join these surveys, no worries if you are not, it is easy and free to join...

Parti-coloured bat sonogram

Call sequence of the parti-coloured bat.

Loads bat tat

Bat tat ready for Halloween!

Nathusius wing veination

Wing venation, important for species identification. This image shows the wing membrane of a Nathusius pipistrelle.