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Barri's Big Trip

By Nicola Faulks, Sep 12 2018 06:33PM

The last Bat Care Bulletin – Number 72 (September 2018) landed in my inbox a couple of weeks ago; on reading it, I realised there was a very familiar story, a call out on our turf, concerning a brown long eared bat and Sam Talbot. So reproduced below, for all to read, is the story as written by Sam!

Kielder Water & Forest Park is a popular tourist spot to get away from it all. It's a very rural and remote area that has excellent bat habitat, with square miles of woodland and wetland. The Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) say the star-studded skies above Kielder are the darkest in England, so they're perfect for brown long-eared. The quantities and ferocity of midges in that area of the world are legendary. The only limiting factor to exponential population growth of bat species there is roost space (as the area is mostly plantation wood and there are very few structures). Barry the bat, as named by the workers who found her, thought she had found a perfect spot in a rusty Portakabin. Which it was ... right until it was relocated to the banks of the Tyne at Newcastle Business Park, fifty miles away!

The irony is most people from Newcastle have at some point taken a holiday to Kielder and stayed in temporary accommodation such as a lodge or Portakabin. Barry (or should it be Barri?) just did it the other way round! She is entirely fine and is going back home tonight, having spent 2 days resting up and eating waxworms in a box in my dining room.

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