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Hibernation surveys - latest results February 2019

By Nicola Faulks, Feb 12 2019 02:33PM

Our latest hibernation survey took place on 8th February 2019, the weather was extreme at times, so a big thank you to those who braved the elements. I have never seen as much water tipped out of a pair wellies! But on the plus side we did have excellent cake…

Brown Long Eared Bat
Brown Long Eared Bat

We found nine bats and that’s without being able to get to one of our best sites (we did try) so a really good count.

In the highest adit, the Daubenton's bat that has been moving between 81m and 91m in was still at 81m (I’m sure this is the same bat…) and the two brown long-eared bats that were hanging openly had gone, one brown long-eared was found in a crevice, eventually, the second was hiding.

One bat, a Natterer’s bat, that had been in the same adit and crevice since 04/12/2018 had gone, however two Natterer’s bats were found in the entrance to the neighbouring adit. Has this bat gone next door, or is that too obvious?

A Natterer’s bat was found in one of our (usually) well used low level adits, the first for this year, unusual as this tends to be a good bat site. Two Daubenton’s bats were found in another lower altitude site. Last month a Daubenton's bat was found at 43m, only the second bat ever found in this adit, that bat was still there and a Daubenton’s bat was also found at 14m. We have surveyed this adit 16 times now and only found a bat on 4 occasions.

The new site, found in January, still had a bat in it! The bat found in January had gone but a brown long-eared bat was found further in, potentially the same bat. This site has been checked in Jan 2014, 2016 and 2017 and Feb 2017 without any bats until this year.

Moth count was 166 heralds and 7 tissues. Less than January but we counted different sites and it is possible the bats have been snacking….

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