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Here you can find an up to date report of all of our Bat Group goings on. Anyone is welcome to contribute, so if you are interested in writing something, do get in contact!

Tagging and tracking a Nathusius bat.

By Nicola Faulks, Aug 29 2018 07:06PM

On Sunday 5th August we trapped and fitted a tracking tag to a juvenile male Nathusius pipistrelle and were hopeful that we would be able to locate a roost but despite dedicating over 80 hours, between an enthusiastic team of volunteers; covering the whole of the Druridge Bay area from Shilbottle right down to Newbiggin, and being fooled by 8 electric fences, 2 pumping stations and numerous house alarms we were disappointed not to locate the day roost. The bat was located foraging over Cresswell Pond for the first two nights but then not heard again. It is possible that the tag failed prematurely or that the bat just left the area.

It has been an unpredictable year with the prolonged cold weather into late Spring and because of this we were unable to do much trapping before stopping for the maternity season break. We have monitored both of the sites where previously Nathusius pipistrelle colonies have formed during the summer but neither of them have had Nathusius using them this year; temperature data and remote detector data from the coast roost will be analysed and compared with last year's data to see if any conclusions can be drawn as to why this might have been.

The more encouraging news is that the coast "mating roost" is active and a male was recorded last night trying to attract females to his roost.

We are planning to carry out some more trapping sessions during the next few weeks concentrating primarily on migration. Proposed dates are:

Mon 3rd Sept

Fri 21st Sept

Sun 23rd Sept

Please let me (Hazel) know if you would like to help out on any of the above occasions. You can use the contact form on this website, or email me directly if you have my email address. Sites, depending on weather and access, will include Ladyburn Lake, River Wansbeck, Bolam Lake, Gosforth Park NR and QEII Country Park.

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