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Northumberland Bat Group have a few projects on the go, please click on the links to see what has been going on! Projects tend to get updated at the end of the season each year, for upto date chat on what people are doing, please join our facebook page. Event dates and locations are sent out to members, please join us to find out more.


Northumberland Nathusius' Pipistrelle Project

This is part of a national project to find out more information on this migratory bat which has taken up residence, coming in via the north sea.


Hibernation Checks

Bats are seen regularly in the summer and easily surveyed. But where do they go to hibernate? What conditions do they prefer and what influence does the weather / humidity etc have on their location choice? Members have been visiting some sites in the county to monitor known roosts and check out potential new ones (strict licencing, please ask for more details).


Gosforth Park Bat Boxes

A range of different boxes have been deployed to better monitor the bat populations of outer Newcastle's most monitored site for wildlife! Interesting results so far, more to come...


Small Myotis Project

The smaller members of the genus Myotis in the UK are very tricky to tell apart, and the only reliable method is use of DNA analysis. Brandt's and Whiskered bats are well recorded in the county, but could the elusive Alcathoe's bat be lurking in amongst them?!