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We are always keen to attract new members who want to learn about and help Northumberland’s bats. Membership is FREE but all donations are appreciated! New members will be sent login details to access the more specialist information on this website and receive emails of upcoming meetings and news in the form of Bat Bulletins and our annual newsletter which rounds up our research for the year.


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Northumberland Bat Group has been around for a while, it started in 1986 as a gathering of enthusiastic volunteers who were licensed to handle bats and visit their roosts.  Now Northumberland Bat Group (NBG) is a bit more formalised (but only a bit!!!). NBG now includes non-licensed members. You do not need any experience in dealing with bats to join us, just enthusiasm and a desire to learn about and help bats. Being able to see in the dark, having no social life and not requiring sleep is also helpful!  


The members of the group undertake a range of activities which broadly further the following aims:


  • to promote bats and bat conservation in Northumberland through educational events and projects


  • to support and train volunteers in liaising with the public who come into contact with bats


  • to offer advice to the public where this does not involve building development as part of the Natural England Bat Advice scheme


  • to undertake surveys and collect records of bat activity and roost locations with an aim of furthering the understanding of bat ecology in the county


  • to rehabilitate injured bats and release them back to the wild

Bat box checks at Gosforth Park.


The NBG long eared bat logo.

Tagged Nathusius Harp trap

Harp trap drying after a hard nights work.                             Ringing bats as part of the National Nathusius Project                      

Group  activities, meetings and training:


The Group organizes meetings, surveys and training activities to help members learn more about the amazing world of bats and to enable trainees to gain bat licenses to help with call outs. As time permits, members also lead guided walks, give talks and organize other activities to promote bat conservation within the Northumberland and Tyneside area.


To find out more about our "Batty Events" go to the webpage by clicking HERE!


Many members are also involved in the emergency call-out scheme run as part of the Natural England Bat Advice Line, whereby knowledgeable, trained volunteers who are licensed to handle bats and enter roosts can come out to visit householders and offer advice or solutions to batty issues.