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The committee and our constitution

The Northumberland Bat Group constitution states:
7. Executive Committee
7.1. The executive committee shall comprise of at least a Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and Records Officer. Equipment Officer, Members Secretary, Social Secretary, Website Manager, are also posts currently needed by NBG and all are elected by one vote per member at the AGM.
7.2. Nominations for the posts should be made to the secretary not less than 2 weeks before the AGM supported by a proposer and a seconder (who are current members of NBG and who have been members for 12 months or more). Voting result shall be determined by a majority show of hands.
7.3. In addition the executive committee may co-opt additional members as non-voting members of the committee, usually the Trainers. Sub committees will be led by a member of the executive committee and will have a minimum of three members. The sub-committee will report to the executive committee.
7.4. A quorum for a committee meeting shall be five members. The nominations in writing are to be in at least fourteen days before the AGM.
7.5. Committee meetings will be called with at least 30 days’ notice, where possible.

The Committee 2019

The table below shows all of the committee positions and who is the current occupant of that position. If you are interested in taking up a position at the Next AGM, then please let the secretary know, 15 days prior to the AGM. You can use the CONTACT-US form to do this if you don’t have and email address for the current Secretary.

PositionCurrent occupantDescription of role
ChairHazel MakepeaceResponsible for chairing the Group, executive committee and, where necessary, sub-committee meetings, and to report back to the Group and executive committee. The chair will have the casting vote when necessary. The chair will have a two-year tenure of post, when he must stand down and not be eligible for re election for two years.
Vice ChairMark OsborneThe Vice Chair will support the chair and act in his/her stead when needed.
TreasurerGraeem SmartTo keep the Group's accounts, to arrange an annual audit of the accounts, and to produce a financial report for the annual general meeting. The Financial year of the group will be April to April. Full accounts shall be kept of the Group's monies (by the Treasurer) and shall be audited by an independent auditor on an annual basis. All cheques drawn on the account must be signed by two signatories, one of whom will be the Treasurer.
SecretaryNicola Faulks(Events) Secretary: to call Group, committee and Annual General or Extraordinary general meetings, and to ensure that effective communication between the executive committee and the Group is maintained. The Secretary will also be responsible for recording, producing and distributing any minutes and the production of the annual general report. This role has now been combined with the membership secretary role as there is a lot of overlap.
Sam TalbotRecorderThis role is not defined in the constitution, but involves managing the NBG data base, both inputting data and undertaking data searches upon request.
Vice RecorderVacant PositionTo help the Recorder
Membership SecretaryNicola FaulksThis role involves maintaining a list of current NBG members. The list is maintained in conjunction with the email list; but remains separate from the Facebook membership. Being added to the NBG Facebook page does not constitute being a group member.
Social SecretaryVacant PositionResponsibility for organising NBG social events.
Website ManagerNicola FaulksResponsibility for managing the NBG website, keeping it up to date and adding pages and information as required. December 2019 - moved website to WordPress and mailing list to MailChimp.
Equipment officerVacant PositionKeeping a list of NBG equipment and coordinating its loan to members when requested.
TrainerTina Wiffen and Stuart Johnson Currently we have two trainers, while not elected positions, the two trainers are encouraged to attend committee meetings.
General MemberMandy Tomas and Jo MenegazzoThere is provision for having a number of General Members on the committee. We always encourage more people to join the committee as new people bring new ideas!
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