Chesters Roman Museum

Article written By Tina Wiffen

Chesters Roman Museum Bat Night

14 July 2023

Despite the wet and windy weather, the bat night still went ahead.

It was a day of heavy showers and high winds; by dusk the rain had abated to a solid drizzle and the wind was calmer but still enough to cause camera shake due to umbrellas fixed to the tripods to keep the cameras dry.

A few hardy souls turned out to watch the soprano pipistrelle maternity roost emerge. This roost has been known about since at least 2008, with the bats always using the same location for the maternity period.

The first bat was seen to emerge at 21:45, with a straggler taking her time to emerge at 22:03.

Thank you to English Heritage for allowing us access and thanks to those of you who joined me for bat counting and cake, Tina.

Just hover over and click the buttons below, this will take you to FaceBook where you can watch the bats emerge. 🙂 

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