Bat Identification

The first talk of the year (9th March) kicked off with a well presented talk on bat identification by Sam Talbot. She was supposed to have been co-hosting this talk, but for various reasons became the sole presenter. However Nic did make a mad dash from Macclesfield over the M62 in the snow, to arrive … Read more

Hibernation Surveys 2023

National Bat Monitoring Programme (NBMP) Hibernation Surveys January and February 2023 After a Covid induced break, we have been back out surveying the lead mine adits for hibernating bats. A few of us did a recce in December to check on the status of the mines after such a long absence. We found five bats, … Read more

Bat Walk Review 2022

Belford Bat Walk 2022

Back in January of 2022, Northumberland Bat Group applied for funding to two funding sources: Environmental Records Information Centre (ERIC) North East – Small Grants Fund. Bat Conservation Trust – Partner Group Support Fund. The applications from NBG were submitted to gain funding so that we could buy eight new hand held bat detectors; to … Read more

Bat Hair – Microscopic Detail

On the 16th September 2022 NBG received an email via the bat group website, asking if we could provide a sample of bat hair. The email read: I appreciate that this is a very unusual email! I’m a PhD student working in the University of Leeds department of chemistry, and I’m particularly interested in how … Read more

Mark the Soprano

Bat in hoodie

Photos and text by Mandy and Neil Tomas.  Bats in care that we have been privileged to meet: Continuing on from the ‘Rex’ King of the bats, to a species everyone encounters and is equally important. Soprano pipistrelles are small bats that are usually seen and live near human habitation, why live in a tree … Read more

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