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Over the last few months, the old NBG website has been having a few problems, most of which have been caused by the website host – Moonfruit. They use flash player to run their hosted websites, but unfortunately flash is not really widely used by anyone else. Even Google are going to cease to support it by the end of 2020. So a move had to happen – from Moonfruit to WordPress, hosted in this case by

As the two platforms (Moonfruit and WordPress) are totally different, every bit of text and each photograph has had to be imported and set up from scratch. So far it has taken 3 days, and most of it is now working…. or appears to be! The WordPress platform has allowed much more freedom to integrate plug ins and other widgets, this means that:

  1. Potential members can now sign up directly with Mail Chimp.
  2. The records request email has been retained and has not changed.
  3. Members of the public and still contact us and ask questions through the contact form.
  4. We now have a dedicated committee email, so no one gets missed off the group!

So if anyone has any photographs or short YouTube videos, please send me links. It would be great to increase the content of the website and make is up to date and colourful. The noctule bat at the top of this post was taken by Ken Wright, he was the only one who emailed me a photograph in response to my email! We are also always looking for people to write something for the blog too. Since we no longer do an annual news letter, the blog was intended to provide a news feed, like Facebook, but one which doesn’t get lost or snowed under.

Finally, I am human, and I bet there are some typos in the new website, or links that don’t work. If you do find any, please let me know by using the contact form…. then at least I will know that is working too. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Setting up a new website”

  1. Hic Nic,

    On the “Bat Detector” page there is a spelling mistake; A bat detector makes these echolocation calls audible to humans by reducing the frequency so we can (here) the calls thorough a speaker on the device. Here should be HEAR. I’m not trying to find fault but did ask us to point out typos. The new site looks very good. Thanks for all the work you are putting in.

    Happy New Year.

    Kind regards,

    Chris Tudge, Sparty Lea.


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