Mark the Soprano

Bat in hoodie

Photos and text by Mandy and Neil Tomas.  Bats in care that we have been privileged to meet: Continuing on from the ‘Rex’ King of the bats, to a species everyone encounters and is equally important. Soprano pipistrelles are small bats that are usually seen and live near human habitation, why live in a tree … Read more

Rex the Noctule

Rex the king of the bats

Text and photos by Mandy and Neil Tomas. We have only been doing bat care for 5 years, but in that time we have been privileged to meet over 300 bats, some more memorable than others. The journey is a vertical learning curve, but we are lucky to have Tina Wiffen and Hazel Makepeace guiding … Read more

Creating a website

NBG Website front page

It is 2020, a functioning website is a powerful tool! The Northumberland Bat Group (NBG) website has had an interesting history and a few iterations. When I fist joined the group in 2006 the website was hosted by the brother of a group member. He’d done a lot of work on it,  it was all … Read more

Leazes Park Bat Walk

Leazers Park at night

Leazes Park Bat Walk – 6th August 202 This bat walk was the first of a series being run on behalf of Northumberland Bat Group (NBG) in and around the area. Seven people were due to attend, but since we are all aware of the covid risks, two cancelled just in case their “feeling under … Read more

What’s in that poo?

Text and photos by Hazel Makepeace – workshop held on 30th January 2020 in the NHSN Council Room. Who thought looking at bat poo could be so much fun!  As a follow on to the ‘Who’s Poo is That?’ workshop and after attending a kick sampling event in the River Coquet, where larvae and nymphs … Read more

NBMP Hibernation Survey January 2020

Moth in the adit!

Written by Tina Wiffen; Photo credits: Emily Marin, Tina Wiffen This month we managed to survey all the sites on one day with volunteers from Northumberland, Cumberland and Durham bat groups, it’s good to work with members of different groups and share skills and biscuits.This season has been great for finding bats. We recorded 12 … Read more

Setting up a new website

Over the last few months, the old NBG website has been having a few problems, most of which have been caused by the website host – Moonfruit. They use flash player to run their hosted websites, but unfortunately flash is not really widely used by anyone else. Even Google are going to cease to support … Read more

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